Participation Guidelines for the IGEN ENERGY99CHALLENGE Version 1.1.

Dear Participants, We extend a warm welcome to all participants joining the IGEN ENERGY99CHALLENGE Version 1.1.
To ensure a smooth and organized participation process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Step-1 Registration Process:

  • All participants are required to register using the provided registration form.
  • Ensure that the registration form is duly completed for full participation in the IGEN ENERGY99CHLLENGE Project.
  • Our IGEN team will communicate you and initiate the project process
  • To Register

    Step-2 IGEN MINUSCo2 Completion Certificate:

    To support to achieve SDG Goals and COP Climate change Conference Objectives– The Institution of Engineers taken new initiative to reduce CO2 by the inauguration of project IGEN MINUSCO2 BATTLE.
    The objective of the project is to empowering 10 billion public to take action to minus Co2 by implementing #theigen conservations mantras for cleaner environment before 2030 Below steps to complete the BATTLE

  • Join the project page
  • Study the IGEN #ensav9mantras to save 1.3Kg Co2 per day at home @ Download the Poster
  • Pledge to Implement the mantras at your home and assure that some mantras started action in your home
  • You will present video by explain all #ensav9mantras and Post the video in the projectGroup
  • Submit the google form for Project Action certificate
  • The IGEN team will communicate and post the Project Action certificate on the #igenMinusCo2 page
  • Any queries regarding project and issue in non receipt of certificate contact #igenThanush 9840650939
  • Now you are eligible to continue IGEN ENERGY99CHALLENGE
  • Go to Step3 to Continue the Project.
  • Refrence Video Project Action Certificate Claim Form

    Step-3 IGEN Energy99Challange Project Completion Certificate Claim Procedure

  • The first step involves joining the ENERGY99CHALLENGE group.
  • Register with us @ Registration Link and watch IGEN SDG Plus Channel @ IGEN SDGPlus to know the Concept of 9 #ENSAV9MANTRAS
  • Determine the 99 homes in which you will implement the #ensav9mantras
  • Start the challenge by completing Pre Audit Survey Form@ First Home
  • Present #ensav9mantras to all family members and motivate them to implement energy conservation concepts
  • Keep going to complete first 10 houses and take the respective photo with the family members holding #ENSAV9MANTRAS poster
  • Share the first 10 home campaign photos and short write-up with the hashtag in the group on Facebook (model write up chk here..) this hashtags to be used for posting #UNDESA #igenEnergy99Challenge #igensdgprojects #sdg7 #sdg12 #sdg13 #UNWithCivilSociety #ensav9mantras
  • Keep campaigning and post the next nine sets of 10 home photos to the Group
  • Make one single video out of ten samples of your campaign and post it in < Group
  • With the completion of all points above, you have completed the first phase of the #igenEnergy99Challenge project
  • You can claim your PROJECT COMPLETION CERTIFICATE by submitting the nomination form .
  • Nomination Form

    Step-4 IGEN Carbon Credit Certificate Claim Procedure:

  • We are very happy that you completed the pre-audit and created the awareness of #ensav9mantras and motivated the residents to use them
  • Regularly share tips on energy conservation with residents via the WHATSAPP group you set up Start the post audit action after two months
  • Find out which homes have implemented the #ensav9mantras and how much unit and money they have saved Visit the homes who implemented and saved energy
  • Complete post audit survey to complete the project link…………
  • Obtain feedback videos from residents mentioning that they have been able to save money and units
  • Post the videos in a Group with a short write-up and all hashtags
  • With the completion of all points above, you have completed the final phase of the #igenEnergy99Challenge project
  • For Complete the Challange submit the Post Audit Form
  • You can claim your IGEN CARBON CREDIT CERTIFICATE by submitting the nomination form Click Submit button
  • Carbon Credit Certificate

    Step-5 IGEN SDG Action Award Claim Procedure:

    Our team will validate participants data.

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